What’s That Buzzing In My Ear?, 2017
A piece on militarisation in the North-East of SriLanka, specifically in Mullaitivu District and the Vanni.  No matter how rosy a picture it seems, the looming threat of the military is still there, pushing into all parts of life. As per Adayaalam Centre for Policy Research’s excellent reporting, in Mullaitivu District, there are at least one soldier for every two civilians. In the Vanni, the military is seen profiting off of illegally obtained land through the development of their own farms and stores and pushing individuals to be employed in these schemes continuing a process of normalization and control over communities in these regions. There is no true freedom. Serious security sector reform and demilitarisation is needed and is the only way for there to be any sort of sustainable peace. Please read Adayaalam’s reports on their website for more detailed information:

The Constant Tug-of-War, 2017
Painting, reflecting and seeing thousands upon thousands of our community in Kilinochchi come together despite the presence of the military and security forces, to remember, to grieve, to commemorate their fallen men, women and children… the importance of being able to do this openly was never more clear than it was on November 27th.