My name is Sindu and welcome to my small corner of the Internet. I know what you’re thinking – not another blog! – but it’s happened. I’ve done it. Bear with me.

Currently based in Colombo, Sri Lanka, working with local government, finding new and exciting ways to incorporate spatial thinking and mapping within this context.

Before I get ahead of myself, a little about me: I am an urban planner by trade with interests in community building, climate change, open governance and spatial justice. While I’m not dabbling in those interests I find myself drawn towards making art. I tend to create in bursts and have found that living in Sri Lanka has only fuelled this artistic fire! 

My goal is to keep this space and my instagram account updated with my thoughts and creative endeavours. 

If you have questions or are interested in the work I will be doing while in Sri Lanka, feel free to send me an email at sindu.sivayogam @